American Horror Story: The Mist-ery?

If you’re a diehard American Horror Story fan like myself, you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat, anxiously awaiting any little piece of news about the upcoming sixth season. Creator Ryan Murphy and his team have done an excellent job of keeping the details of season 6 under wraps, all while distracting viewers with a whole slew of fake promos and teaser videos. With each teaser being creepier than the last, I find myself needing a little something extra to take the edge off… So to celebrate the horror that the past 5 seasons have brought us, I’ve enlisted the help of some fellow AHS fans to create delicious themed martinis and stunning photographs to accompany this post.

AHS Seasons

AHS is hands down my favorite show on TV, and part of the reason for that is because I have so many friends that are equally as obsessed with it as I am. From the first time I binge watched season 1 in a turkey-induced food coma with my family on Thanksgiving, to the drunken nights I spent with my friends in college watching Freak Show and finally the dinner parties I’ve had with my friends and family out here in Los Angeles (which just so happens to be the setting for Hotel), I’ve attended a watch party of sorts for just about every episode that this creepy show has to offer. So now, with the help of some very talented friends of mine, we give you the perfect martinis to help calm your nerves before the Sept. 14th premiere of American Horror Story: The Mist.


Murder House — The Black Dahlia

Photography by Ashley Prikryl. Design by Jourdyn Heilinger.


The season that introduced us to the terrifying world of AHS set the bar very high for it’s successors, as does this first martini. Focusing heavily on the themes of infidelity and death, Murder House had a veil of darkness shadowed over it from start to finish.

Photography by Jourdyn Heilinger.

For this first martini, we wanted to make the drink as dark as possible. The pure black cherry juice adds a deep color that is reminiscent of the season’s haunting Rubber Man character, while the cherry cider and sparkling pomegranate juice give the drink a subtle fizz. A garnish of fresh pomegranate seeds fill the bottom of the glass to create an eerie finishing touch to this already bold cocktail.

Photography by Jourdyn Heilinger.

It’s name, The Black Dahlia, pays tribute to the real-life horror story of Elizabeth Short who was brutally murdered and dismembered in Los Angeles in the late 1940s. The murder was never solved which has left many people fascinated by the story over the years, so it should come as no surprise that Murphy offered-up his own theory by featuring Elizabeth Short as one of the many Murder House victims.


Asylum — The Angel of Death

Photography by Ashley Prikryl. Design by Jourdyn Heilinger.

After the first season came to an end and Murphy announced that each of the following would tell a new story featuring similar cast members in entirely different roles, he paved the way for an exciting new way for viewers to experience TV. The AHS team has done an excellent job at creating immersive storylines that are uniquely different, yet undoubtedly tied to each other. We wanted to create that same type of experience with these martinis, so each one was hand-crafted to embody the spirit of each season.

Photography by Jourdyn Heilinger.

Season 2, Asylum, told the story of the staff and patients of Briarcliff Mental Institution. With many of the patients claiming to be unjustly institutionalized, this season was a true story of good vs. evil at its core. Each character dealt with the overarching theme of sanity in their own way, and even those with the purest of hearts found themselves battling the darkest demons. We’ve paired sweet and simple ingredients like vanilla and agave with boldly-spiced chai and Rumchata for this creamy martini.

Photography by Jourdyn Heilinger.

Although the look of this drink was partially inspired by the terrifying promos for season 2 (which featured a nun with blacked-out eyes and a mental patient soaking in a milky bath), the name represents the hauntingly beautiful “Angel of Death” portrayed by recurring fan-favorite Francis Conroy. Shachath, the Angel of Death, makes several appearances throughout the season giving her final “kiss of death” to everybody from the possessed Sister Mary Eunice to the defeated Sister Jude.


Coven — Witches Brew

Photography by Ashley Prikryl. Design by Jourdyn Heilinger.

Season 3 took us to New Orleans, home of Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. The girls who attend Miss Robichaux’s have all discovered that they each posses a uniquely dark power like clairvoyance, telekinesis and being able to kill anybody that you have sex with. Typical witchcraft stuff.

Photography by Jourdyn Heilinger.

Like the young witches, this martini is truly exceptional — Some might even call it, Supreme (see what I did there?). Fresh citrus juices and Midori work their magic to turn this cocktail into a luminescent potion. The agave nectar and fresh tiger figs add a little sweetness to an otherwise crisp and sour drink.

1 (1 of 5)
Photography by Ashley Prikryl.

In order for a witch to become “The Supreme” she must master the Seven Wonders of Witchcraft. To represent this feat, we wanted to create a drink that mastered the several elements we look for in a good cocktail. The Witches Brew is sour with a hint of sweetness, just enough to make it refreshing. The fresh ingredients and unique garnish make it an interesting and delicious drink that you’ll keep coming back for more of.


Freak Show — The Twistini

Photography by Ashley Prikryl. Design by Jourdyn Heilinger.

For this martini, we were inspired by some of the sweet treats you might come across at the concession stand of  Fräulein Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities (aka The Freak Show). Serve this simple combo of vodka and fresh fruit juices in a Pop Rocks-rimmed glass for a surprising kick. The floating layer of blue curacao adds a nice sweetness and creates a look similar to bright and colorful circus candies.

1 (2 of 4)
Photography by Ashley Prikryl.

The final ingredient is what makes this drink the true star of the show… Carefully top your martini off with a ball of light and fluffy cotton candy. Watch in amazement as the cotton candy melts into the drink and creates a dark yet beautiful swirl of colors. Although we could have given the naming rights to any one of Elsa’s monsters, there was no way that we’d give that honor to anyone other than the show-stealing and spine-tingling, Twisty the Clown.

1 (1 of 1)-4
Photography by Ashley Prikryl.

Clowns are supposed to represent innocence, fun and exuberance. So why is it that we typically find ourselves with pits in our stomachs whenever we see one of those white faced, made up freaks? I don’t mean to discriminate against clowns here by any means because I know they aren’t all bad (which is ironic seeing as how discrimination is seen in many ways throughout this season), but nobody can deny the fact that they’ve gotten a bad rep in the film industry over the years. Twisty, the terrifying clown that went on a murderous spree throughout the small town of Jupiter, was no exception.


Hotel — The Countess

Photography by Ashley Prikryl. Design by Jourdyn Heilinger.

Addiction was clearly one of the themes presented last season on AHS: Hotel. The Hotel Cortez was home to addicts of all kinds — Sex, drugs, murder…you name it. If I were to find myself occupying one of those eerie hotel rooms it would probably be because of an addiction delicious drinks made with only the finest ingredients, like this one.

Photography by Jourdyn Heilinger.

Side note — A few weeks before writing this post I was out to lunch with my friends from work when none other than AHS alum Denis O’Hare walked past us. My jaw dropped to the floor and I went into total fangirl mode while my friends all tweeted him about it. Later that day he tweeted us all back and said that I should have said hello, which I’ll regret not doing for the rest of my life…

1 (1 of 1)-8.jpg
Photography by Ashley Prikryl.

So now, let’s pretend that Liz Taylor (played by O’Hare) is tending bar at the Hotel Cortez and you’re trying to decide what to order. You see a glamorous woman, more beautiful than anyone you’ve seen before, drinking a martini as red as blood. You find yourself truly mesmerized by The Countess, so you say that you’ll order what she’s having. This martini is served in a blood-rimmed glass (fake blood of course), made with pureed raspberry jam and topped with sparkling blood orange soda to make it look like the blood that this vampiress lives forever on.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pick out your favorite martini (hell make them all…I won’t judge) and follow the rules below while you settle in for a season of American Horror Story that has been described as “more rogue and more dark” than anything we’ve seen before.

Drinking Game Rules


Original recipes by Tara Salinas, Beverage Director

Photographed by Ashley Prikryl and Jourdyn Heilinger



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