Pretty Little Watch Party

I’ve got a secret…Can you keep it?


We’re about to throw that best Pretty Little Watch Party that you “liars” have ever seen! When we last left Aria, Allison, Emily, Hannah, Spencer and the boys they were…wait, what the hell even happened in that finale?! People appeared to have returned from the dead, mysterious family ties were revealed, a few were betrayed by those they loved most and the unconscious body of one of the liars was seen being dragged off screen right before the credits rolled. If you’re feeling as mind-fucked as I am right now, just know that you’re not alone…

I’ve tuned in to every PLL premiere and finale, or episode for that matter, in hopes of finding the answers to the many lingering questions that have been eating away at me. Will we ever know what the hell has been happening in Rosewood? Probably not. Are we going to hopelessly indulge into the guilty pleasure teenage soap opera? You bet we are! The season 7 premiere is only a few days away, and I can’t wait to get my crew of “liars” together to eat, drink and be merrily confused by the rollercoaster ride of emotions that is Pretty Little Liars.

Check out the gallery below for a little preview of the recipes that are featured in this post:

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 The Brew

We’ll start things off nice and easy with a warm and comforting coffee drink. “The Brew” was inspired by the liars’ favorite little coffee shop in their local town of Rosewood, PA. Throughout the years, The Brew has served as a focal point in the show, often being the background setting for a number of important brainstorming sessions, serious discussions and meaningful moments between characters.

giphy (1)

In the early seasons of the show we watched Emily work her butt off at The Brew, serving up lattes and muffins to both the good and the evil residents of Rosewood. When the show took a 5-year jump forward mid-way through season 6, Emily had traded in the cappuccinos for piña coladas and was now bartending to make some extra cash. So, this combination of fresh brewed coffee and Kahlúa is my ode to Emily!

 1 (1 of 1)-10

The Black Widow Cocktail

Now that everybody on the show is legally able to drink I think it is time we start having some real fun — Don’t you? This next cocktail was inspired by my college years, and the one’s that PLL conveniently decided to skip over. I feel like we were robbed of some truly crazy stories from the 5 years that the girls spent away at school. The 4 years that I spent at Ohio University were some of the most amazing, exciting and insane years of my life, so I think it would have been great to see whether or not these girls had the same experiences…you know they did.


Athens, OH, home of Ohio University, is hands down one of the best college towns in the country (just ask USA Today and BroBible how great it is). One long brick street is lined with bar, after bar, after bar…Each with its own signature drink. One of those bars is The Pigskin, and its signature drink is none other than “The Black Widow.” While I was thinking about all of the pig symbolism in PLL (more on that in a bit) and the mysterious “black widow” (aka Sara Harvey), this drink from one of my favorite college bars proved to be the perfect choice.

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This powerful cocktail consists of equal parts vodka, rum, gin and blue curacao (the original recipe also calls for sour raspberry schnapps), topped off with sweet and sour mix, cranberry juice and sprite. Drink responsibly with this one my friends…I can say that from experience.

 JPEG image-502A8FBDE4C6-1


Dirt Pudding

Over the past six seasons there have been a ridiculous number of bodies buried in Rosewood. I don’t even know where to begin…There was that time Ian got pushed off the bell tower, and then was later discovered with a faked suicide note. Remember Maya, and her creepy stalker Lyndon who pretended to be her cousin Nate until Emily had to stab him in self-defense? Then there were two of “Rosewood’s Finest,” officer Garret Reynolds and Detective Derek Wilden. The list goes on and on, and I’m sure the body count will continue to rise in this final season.

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In honor of the deceased — may they rest in piece and not return from the dead like so many others on this show (Allison, Mona, Ian…) — I decided to whip up a batch dirt pudding. This desert is always a crowd pleaser because not only is it delicious, but it’s also adorable! Simply scoop layers of chocolate pudding and Cool Whip into your desired serving dish, top with crushed Oreos and decorative gummy worms and voila! You’ve got yourself a bucket of dirt.

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Pigs in a Blanket

Now, let’s move on and talk about all of the pig symbolism that I mentioned earlier…In the pilot episode we learn about Aria’s good luck charm, a stuffed-animal pig puppet. Halfway through season 1, “A” forces “Hefty Hannah” to eat half a dozen red velvet cupcakes topped with fondant pig decorations — Those cupcakes inspired the next recipe on my list. In season 3, we learn that Allison gave Paige the nickname “Pigskin” (like the college bar) and that the two really had it out for each other. The cliffhanger in the season 3 finale left everyone on the edge of their seats wondering what the girls had found in the trunk of Wilden’s car. Surprise, surprise….we find ourselves with another little piggy.


Throughout the several seasons of the show we’ve seen a handful of these pig references, ultimately leading to a while slew of fan theories about what the symbolism could mean. One of the more popular theories was The Three Little Pigs Theory, which pointed the finger at Aria being the big bad “A” and Spencer, Hannah and Emily were the three naïve pigs. We now know that this wasn’t the case and that (SPOILER ALERT) Charlotte had been tormenting the girls all along…or do we?

1 (5 of 7)

Pigs in a Blanket seemed like the obvious choice to tie all of the pig symbolism in to my Pretty Little Watch Party. This classic appetizer is so simple to make, and if your friends are anything like mine they’ll eat them all up within a matter of minutes. I added American cheese to my mini crescent roll-wrapped hot dogs for an extra surprise that makes them something to die for.

 1 (1 of 3)-2

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Candied Bacon

Last, but most certainly not least, we have these show-stealing red velvet cupcakes topped with candied bacon. When I decided to make the infamous red velvet pig cupcakes that I mentioned earlier I knew better than to try and make those adorable little fondant pigs myself… Luckily for all my fellow bacon-lovers out there, I am not much of an artist so I decided to top my cupcakes with candied bacon instead.

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To make the candied bacon, you’ll need vinegar (I used apple cider), maple syrup, brown sugar and black pepper. First, dip each strip of bacon in this mixture and place it on your tray in a 350° oven for 10 minutes. Continue basting the bacon with the brown sugar mixture while it cooks, flipping the strips every 5-10 minutes. Depending on how crispy you like your bacon, the cooking process should take anywhere from 35-50 minutes.

1 (1 of 1)-7 copy.jpg

Next, it is time to make your cupcakes. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can make them from scratch like I did. If not, feel free to keep things easy with a box mix. As long as you make that candied bacon I can promise you that nothing else will matter.

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After your cupcakes have baked and fully cooled it is finally time for the finishing touches. Frost them with cream cheese icing and top them off with a piece of the bacon you candied earlier (if you haven’t already eaten it by now, it’s seriously that good). “Hefty Hannah” would have no problem polishing six off these, and neither will you!

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Pretty Little Drinking Game Rules

Alright bitches, it’s finally time to grab your drinks and start the real fun. Pick your favorite liar before the episode begins. If she’s the one that does the coveted “shhh…” at the end of the intro take the first drink of season 7!

PLL Drinking Game




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